Sales Lead Generation: Build trust, Build leads

b2b marketing agency - industrial engineer in manufacturing plant In today’s increasingly competitive industrial manufacturing market, just having a website isn’t enough to attract new leads. Customers are drawn to thought leaders and subject-matter experts to form their basis of trust throughout the entire buying journey.

Industrial and precision manufacturing companies often become dissatisfied with their current digital marketing provider because “they just don’t get us” or “the website looks nice, but we don’t get any leads.” A nice-looking website sprinkled with keywords only goes so far and doesn’t produce the bottom-line expectation: more sales leads.

At Marketing Zone, we understand what it takes to market highly technical industrial equipment and products. Our team of technical writers is experienced in writing content for an engineering audience. And we know how to optimize that content for top search engine rankings.

Trends show that more engineers start their buying journey online. A recent study showed that engineers spend on average 8.3 hours per week consuming job-related information. Engineers use online resources such as digital publications (60%) and vendor websites (53%) more than any other information source. If you're not being found online, Marketing Zone can help.

A new B2B Marketing Strategy: Organic SEO

No, it's not about vegan food and diet supplements. Organic website traffic is when website visitors click a link to your site in the results from a search engine. This differs from website visitors who click a link in a paid ad or an email.

As a B2B marketing agency, Marketing Zone offers organic SEO services. Our aim is for top placement of your website in search-engine rankings for the keywords that matter to your potential clients.

Key Components of Online Industrial Marketing

Focus on the user experience, and the leads will follow.

Put simply, Google and other search engines assign a higher ranking to websites that provide a better user experience. To rank higher in search engine results, your website needs to provide the best possible user experience.

That means you need a fast, mobile-friendly website with technical content that your potential client base is already searching for online.

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